Sevojno-based Jedinstvo (JESV) was the buyer in a large transaction executed on Tuesday, the company announced through the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Jedinstvo purchased 15,380 shares, or 6.0% of the total, at RSD 8,000 per share. The company holds 22,427 treasury shares or 8.8% of the total number.

The largest minority shareholder in the company for years, Zeta company, stood on the sell side.

Apart from the continuous acquisition of its own shares, Jedinstvo is also known for its shareholder-friendly dividend policy. In the past years, the company paid a dividend of RSD 705.9 per share, which gives a dividend yield of 8.8%.

Shares in Jedinstvo have decreased a 5.9% since the beginning of the year after recording a 25% jump in 2021.

Source: Belex, Momentum