Whether you are a company or an individual, and whether you’re an experienced investor or a beginner, our team provides a broad range of services tailored to your individual investment needs. By careful analysis of financial market developments around the world, we will assist you when buying/selling various financial instruments.
Once you have formed your portfolio, we will provide all-embracing support in your efforts to preserve and increase the value of your assets through systematic monitoring and notification about significant events that may have an impact on the portfolio’s value.

  • 1
    Brokerage services
  • 2
    Research & Financial Analysis
  • 3
    Custody services
  • 4
    Corporate Agent and other investment services
  • 5
    Corporate financial/legal consulting

Brokerage services

Momentum Brokerage Department offers quality and timely intermediation in the purchase and sale of:

  • Shares and other financial instruments at the Belgrade Stock Exchange
  • Financial instruments on the world stock exchanges
  • Shares of non-public joint stock companie
  • Government debt securities on the primary and secondary market

Research & Financial Analysis

We support our clients in the process of investment decision making by providing research and financial analysis services which include:

  • Macroeconomic Survey
  • Financial analysis of the largest companies listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange
  • Analysis of world financial market trends
  • Special research and financial analysis at client’s request

Custody services

Momentum provides a comprehensive package of services to investors in the capital market:

  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments – FI account management (proprietary / omnibus / pledge accounts) on the local market
  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments – account management for foreign markets
  • Administration of cash accounts (dedicated cash accounts for trading with financial instruments) on the domestic market
  • Administration of tax obligations (tax authority for non-residents)
  • Proxy service

Corporate Agent and other investment services

We provide financial services to companies, issuers, and above all to public joint stock companies, in relation to financial instruments governed by complex capital market rules:

  • Administering the issue account and obtaining a shareholder’s book Updating the Prospectus on the Belgrade Stock Exchange
    Publication of annual / semi-annual business reports and occasional information
  • Issue and / or inclusion of financial instruments on the Stock Exchange with or without a prospectus
  • Split and conversion / substitution of financial instruments
  • Compulsory Redemption of shares / disbursements of dissenting shareholders
  • Public Offering for the shares’ takeover
  • Acquisition / Disposal / Annulment of own shares
  • Dividend payment / coupons payment
  • Exclusion of shares from the Stock Exchange and delisting from the register of public companies
  • Withdrawal and annulment of financial instruments / de-registration from the CSD

Corporate financial/legal consulting

Our multidisciplinary team possesses the necessary capital market expertise and experience in the field of law, finances, accounting, and auditing, for quality provision of a comprehensive range of corporate advisory services:

  • Advising on strategy preparation and possible models for acquiring controlling stake in the company capital
  • Approval of the concentration related to the acquisition of independent or joint management control
  • Advising on possible models on valuation changes and structure of share capital
  • Corporate law – status changes, establishments, liquidations, and legal form changes of companies
  • Advising on the convening and holding of the general meetings of shareholders / members, the disposal of high value assets, internal acts, etc.
  • Advising on the privatization process of socially owned and / or public capital