Serbia registered a RSD 9.8bm budget surplus in the first nine months of 2022, the Ministry of Finance has said.

Revenues totalled RSD 1,245.1bn, while expenditures amounted to RSD 1,235.3bn.

In September alone, a RSD 9.4bn budget surplus was registered, and revenues totalled RSD 133.3bn, including RSD 117.4bn of tax revenues.

VAT, excise duties and corporate income tax made up most of the tax revenues, totalling RSD 64.2bn, RSD 25.5bn and RSD 12.3bn, respectively, while non-tax revenues amounted to RSD 14.3bn and donations stood at RSD 1.5bn.

At general government level, a RSD 48.3bn fiscal surplus and a RSD 145.1bn primary fiscal surplus were registered in the period from January to September, the ministry also said.

Source: Tanjug, Momentum