Serbia’s consumer prices rose by 16.1% in February, compared to the previous year, after increasing by an annual 15.8% the month before, the statistical office said on Monday.
On a monthly comparison basis, Serbia’s consumer price index (CPI) went up by 1.4% in February, at the same rate of increase recorded in January, the statistical office said in a monthly inflation report.
The biggest price increases in annual terms were observed in the sector of food and non-alcoholic beverages, of 24.6%, followed by housing, water and energy (+24%) and restaurant and hotel services (+22.2%).
On a monthly comparison basis, prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 2.7% in February. Prices of recreation and culture rose by 1.5%, healthcare services prices increased by 1.2%, while clothing and footwear prices edged down by 0.6%.
Source: SeeNews, Momentum