Serbia recorded a budget deficit of RSD 81bn (EUR 690.3m) in the eleven months through November 2022, compared to a shortfall of RSD 149.6bn in the like period of 2021, the finance ministry said on Wednesday.

Total budget revenues rose by a real 15.4% on the year to RSD 1.519tn in the period under review, while expenditure went up 9.1% to RSD 1.600tn.

Tax revenues increased by a real 13.2% to RSD 120.9bn, non-tax revenues fell 5.4% to RSD 15.7bn, and grants decreased to RSD 19.5bn from RSD 22.1bn.

On the expenditure side, current expenditure rose by a real 37.6% to RSD 243.9bn, while capital expenditure fell to RSD 23.9bn from RSD 45.3bn.

Source: SeeNews, Momentum