The Serbian stock market decreased for the third week in a row, primarily due to another drop in the stock price of Dunav Osiguranje (DNOS). The index of the most liquid shares, Belex15, fell 1.8% to 888.7 points, its lowest level in two months. The total turnover on the market was RSD 278.8m (EUR 2.4m).

Dunav Osiguranje recorded a new sharp drop in value, ending the week with a decline of almost 7% at RSD 900. After breaking through the psychological limit of RSD 1,000 a week earlier, Dunav fell to RSD 860 last week, its new multi-year minimum. The total stock turnover amounted to RSD 8.7m.

Less than seven days before the record date, the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIIS) recorded a modest turnover of RSD 5.4m, decreasing by 1.2% to RSD 839. This lethargy of investors on a dividend yield of around 17% describes investors’ expectations regarding the distribution of last year’s profits.

Shares in Messer Tehnogas (TGAS) went ex-dividend and fell almost 3% to RSD 13,600 with a turnover of RSD 4.1m. As is known, the shareholders will receive a gross dividend per share of RSD 450 compared to RSD 585 in the previous year.

Since Thursday, the shares in Impol Seval (IMPL) have been traded without the right to a dividend from last year’s profit, and as is known, the management has proposed a record dividend of RSD 871.6 per share. Impol closed the week at RSD 6,456, bearing a dividend yield of 13.5%.

WEEKLY REPORT, June 5–9, 2023

Close 888.74
Weekly Change (abs) -16.10
Weekly Change (abs) -1.78%
Weekly High 905.07
Weekly Low 884.43
Traded Value (RSD) 20,495,467
Most Active
Shares Closing Price Change Traded Value (RSD)
SLPP 809 0.00% 47,823,226
DNOS 900 -6.93% 8,726,278
NIIS 839 -1.18% 5,380,439
TGAS 13,593 -2.94% 4,120,600
ZTPK 2,000 +0.65% 1,332,000
Shares Closing Price Change Traded Value (RSD)
OMOL 3,500 +13.97% 80,500
TIGR 20 +11.11% 21,900
BASB 800 +6.67% 157,600
DNREM 2,850 +5.44% 171,000
IRTL 1,070 +1.42% 535,488
Shares Closing Price Change Traded Value (RSD)
DNOS 900 -6.93% 8,726,278
TGAS 13,593 -2.94% 4,120,600
NIIS 839 -1.18% 5,380,439
IMPL 6,456 -0.68% 1,128,100
AVEN 1,450 -0.07% 780,149