Danilo Pavićević is a financial analyst in Momentum’s team. His area of expertise includes financial data analysis, corporate’s financial reporting analysis, as well as technical analysis stocks trends, thus helping clients in making well informed investment decisions.

He has been a member of Momentum’s team since May 2021.

Previously Danilo worked for a Belgrade-based brokerage company Prudence Capital. His main occupational fields were macro-trend analysis with a particular focus on the US stock exchange and US equity valuation.

Danilo has graduated from business accredited University Lindenwood University based in St. Charles, Missouri. He gained his first work experience as sophomore, when the college named his as the Tutor for Calculus and Basic Statistics. Due to his dedication and engagement, he managed to join investment application invitational class, where he modified and helped in structuring the portfolio for the University. He graduated with 3.95 GPA and was awarded with “Summa cum Laude”, in December, 2020.

He became a member of the “CFA Society in St. Louis” and took part in organising and speaking in various conferences. He also participated in CFA Research Challenge 2020, that is supported by the same Society.