Sevojno-based aluminum roller mill Impol Seval (IMPL) released financial statements for the first half of 2022, showing remarkable results as the company continued to take advantage of favorable market trends. 

The company’s operating revenues reached RSD 16.41bn in the January-June period, an increase of 19.7% due to rising market prices. Total production in the period was 29,934 tonnes or 4.3% lower compared to the previous year, while the sales decreased 5% to 29,863 thousand tonnes. 

The company’s operating profit jumped significantly to RSD 2.49bn from last year’s modest RSD 156.5m. Net profit also reached RSD 2.49bn compared to last year’s profit of RSD 138.0m. 

The company’s net debt decreased 22.1% this year to RSD 1.46bn on June 30th. 

Shares of Impol spiked 35.2% this year to the current price of RSD 5,000, while the company’s market capitalization is RSD 4.71bn (EUR 40.2m). 

Source : Belex, Momentum